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Common defects a BUYER can detect for themselves!

Although we encounter many different defects when we inspect a home. There are a few that are common enough to be detected by a BUYER during a walk around the house. If you are buying a home, you are naturally looking to see if the home fits your need or desire. Slow down and take a few moments to look for these red flags.

Is the house (as a whole) well maintained? Deferred maintenance represents initial expenses to bring the home back into a satisfactory condition.

Does water drain away or around the home? Roof water needs to drain into sturdy gutters, directed into downspouts and deposited onto the ground away from the house walls. If there is a basement, are there ANY stains or dark spots on the walls or slab floor? Grading should slope gently away from the foundation.

Do you see ANY cracks, displacement or damage to the foundation? Finding defects and minor structural damage may not mean the house will fall down, but the defect should be evaluated by a professional and corrected if necessary.

Can you see the ceiling components (wood beams or joist) when you look in the attic? Inadequate insulation can lead to high heating and cooling bills.

Activate the thermostat for the heating/cooling system.
Does the fan turn on? Is the house comfortable? Replacing HVAC components can be very expensive.

Are there stains on the ceiling of ANY room? Roof defects can be difficult to detect if a seller has recently painted the entire ceiling. Painted areas or spots signal further evaluation of the roof and attic.

Do the kitchen and bathroom faucets work and does the water in the sink drain out quickly? Are there ANY stains on the floor of the cabinets? Water is the primary enemy of a home. Leaky plumbing leads to moisture damage, rot, termites, mildew and mold.

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