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10 Ways to Sell Your House for More

1. Get rid of clutter. Throw out or file stacks of newspapers and magazines. Pack away most of your
small decorative items. Store out-of-season clothing to make closets seem roomier. Clean out the

2. Wash your windows and screens to let more light into the interior.

3. Keep everything extra clean.
Wash fingerprints from light switch plates. Mop and wax floors.
Clean the stove and refrigerator. A clean house makes a better first impression and convinces buyers
that the home has been well cared for and it helps with #4

4. Get rid of smells.
Clean carpeting and drapes to eliminate cooking odors, smoke, and pet smells.
Open the windows.

5. Put proper wattage bulbs in light sockets to make rooms seem brighter, especially basements
and other dark rooms. Replace any burnt-out bulbs.

6. Make minor repairs that can create a bad impression. Small problems such as sticky doors,
torn screens, cracked caulking, or a dripping faucet may seem trivial, but they’ll give buyers the
impression that the house isn’t well maintained.

7. Tidy your yard.
Cut the grass, rake the leaves, trim the bushes, and edge the walks. Put a pot or
two of bright flowers near the entryway.

8. Patch holes or fill cracks in your driveway and reapply sealant, if applicable.

9. Clean your gutters.

10. Polish your front doorknob and door numbers.

Hey, I bet you thought I was going to tell you to get it inspected?

5 Things to Do Before You Sell

1. Get estimates from a reliable repairperson on items that need to be replaced soon, a roof or worn
carpeting, for example. In this way, buyers will have a better sense of how much these needed repairs
will affect their costs.

2. Have a termite inspection to prove to buyers that the property is not infested.

3. Get a pre-sale or listing home inspection so you’ll be able to make repairs before buyers become concerned and cancel a contract.

4. Gather together repair receipts, warranties and guarantees on the roof, furnace, appliances, and other
items that will remain with the house.

5. Fill out a disclosure form provided by your sales associate. Take the time to be sure that you don’t
forget problems, however minor, that might create liability for you after the sale.